Mission / Vision Mission; Guner Jewellery Mould and Machine; Turkey and international platform, especially mold-maker in the sector,..

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Güner Jewellery Mould and Machine

Company Profile and History

Guner Jewellery Mould Maker; Turkey is one of the important institutions of the jewelry industry was established in 1984 in Istanbul. Founder Ahmet Güner. Stepped into the special mold industry, our company is engaged in manufacturing molds for many years as a boutique; customer demand for focused service approach and trained personnel in the field with the mold maker has become the educational position of the sector at the same time.

Mold production, Day created with imported machinery from abroad is a first in Turkey Jewelry Molding Machine, which succeeded in producing mold fabrikalaştır, through the series took place in the manufacturing sector. Since 1992, started making jewelry in Guner, production results and experience gained from the use of his own mold tooling and machinery and machine offers to its customers. Sector directing added that the mission of generating quality growth companies with valuable innovations, with experienced staff, to design new machines will improve automation and provide customers in jewelry.

Guner Jewellery Mould and have a voice and be persistent in the machinery sector, is based on customer satisfaction and customer-oriented service concept puts the center. Our company continues on its way with confident steps in this direction; customer focus of our company is still reliable in the industry has enabled it to be a pioneer and a strong organization.

Day; yaşıa always be the pride of the rising value of the jewelry mold and machinery industry in the international market.

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